Hisashi Ito

Chief Technology Officer At Toyko Corporation

Hisashi Ito <p>Chief Technology Officer At Toyko Corporation </p>

Mr. Hisashi Ito joined started his career in datacenter industry as the founding Chief Electrical Engineer of At Tokyo Corporation in June 2000. Utilizing 18 years of experience as electrical engineer in TEPCO, Tokyo’s power utility, he has designed 3 datacenters with the total floor area of over 200,000 sq.m (2.2 million sq.ft), and has established O&M procedures for all of At Tokyo’s datacenters based on critical infrastructure O&M procedures in TEPCO, resulting in ZERO customer downtime for all its datacenters since their foundation. CTO since June 2013, he is responsible for At Tokyo’s 5 datacenters and their continuous improvements.