Miles Auvil

Senior National Sales Manager, Data Center Solutions SIEMENS

Miles Auvil <p>Senior National Sales Manager, Data Center Solutions SIEMENS</p>

Miles Auvil is a Sr. National Sales Manager for Siemens Data Center Solutions. A 15-year industry veteran, Miles was most recently responsible for helping Federal Agencies with their Energy Management Lifecycle, with a specific focus on Advanced Metering Infrastructure, Energy Management, and Energy Savings Performance Contracts for Data Centers. Prior to this position, Miles spent 12 years in both an engineering and sales capacity, supporting clients in the design and implementation of reliable and efficient Data Center solutions. Miles holds a B.S. in Business Administration from West Virginia University. He has extensive knowledge and experience working with Data Center Managers in the areas of IT/Data Center Infrastructure, IT/Data Center Energy Efficiency, Data Center Infrastructure Management, and Green Data Center Facility Improvement Measures.