As the world’s dependence on cloud computing grows unabated, the data center industry must find innovative ways to meet growing demand while achieving ever more stringent sustainability targets. While significant progress has been made on carbon footprint reduction, there’s still much to be done on water consumption. With new chip designs, data center re-design, and the ability to run data center equipment hotter, data center operators are often focused on eliminating their water use entirely. However, there are many benefits to using water for cooling, and it’s critical that the industry take a balanced approach. Join us for a discussion on how the industry is approaching this challenge and what new developments are on the horizon.

Renae Kezar (bio)
VP Global Sustainability & Government Relations
Johnson Controls

Walter Leclerc (bio)
Director of Environmental Occupational Safety & Health
Digital Realty

Michael Lesniak (bio)
Assistant VP of Global Corporate Accounts
Nalco Water

Michael Obradovitch (bio)
Corporate Account Manager
Nalco Water