“Data is the new oil.” First coined 15 years ago, this maxim gained currency in recent years – particularly as the general public became aware of major data-driven stories such as Cambridge Analytica, Wikileaks, and endless Congressional hearings featuring CEOs from “big tech” companies like Facebook, Google, and Amazon. But as this talk will highlight, the “data as oil” metaphor is simply too small to accurately explain the impact of this new resource on society, business, and culture. Touching on economics, policy, and media theory, Battelle’s talk lays out a framework for understanding data which reveals a stunning truth: While we’re all right to be excited – and perhaps a bit concerned – about the role of data in our lives, we’ve barely begun to understand its significance. That’s good news for anyone building out the infrastructure for data – as long as they’re cognizant of the changes coming in both the architecture and the operational realities of a data-driven world

John Battelle (bio)
Global Thought Leader on Technology and Business Disruptions, Serial Entrepreneur and Founder of NewCo.