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How many times has a data center owner/developer proclaimed, “I could have built a brand-new data center for the same price as this retrofit”? When the need to diversify one’s data center portfolio by building a new facility in an area with little to no undeveloped land occurs, how does one identify a good property? When is it advantageous to upgrade or retrofit an existing structure when an undeveloped or greenfield site is not available? When does speed to market outperform the price premiums associated with retrofitting? DPR Construction’s data center experts, Mark Thompson and Mark Whelpley, will guide the audience through various case study examples of when data center retrofits ended up saving time and money, and when they did not. They will also provide rules of thumb for space and programming ratios, which are key when considering a site and existing facility for retrofit.

Mark Thompson (bio)
Advanced Tech Core Market Leader
DPR Construction

Mark Whelpley (bio)
Advanced Tech Preconstruction Leader
DPR Construction