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See. Mitigate. Manage. Three simple words that—paired with the right technology—keep your workers safer. All companies focus on safety hazards on the jobsites, so how can technology help you work both smarter and safer? Google, along with their contractors and vendors, is exploring a number of initiatives using technology to identify risks before and during work. Using personalized metrics, teams can now mitigate hazards before they put people at risk. From fatigue monitors and other wearable technology to virtual reality “walk throughs,” the metrics provided offer innovative, process-changing insight, arming companies with the knowledge to make better decisions from project kickoff to completion.

Doug O’Neill (bio)
Senior Vice President, Mission Critical Director
JE Dunn Construction

Eric Hanson, CSP (bio)
Director, Environmental Health and Safety
The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company

Anita Tarab (bio)
Global Director for Sustainability, Environment, Health and Safety
Google Data Centers

Chris Teddy (bio)
Vice President, Mission Critical
JE Dunn Construction

Eric Zuhlke (bio)
National Safety Director
JE Dunn Construction