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IT organizations have spent the last 25 years focused on component level technology and metrics rather than looking at what it takes to actually run the business. While IT professionals have created many kinds of low-level metrics about the discrete resources required to build and operate data centers (including power and cooling, staffing, and maintenance), what the IT Infrastructure business actually needs is a clear understanding about an organization’s ability to support revenue goals, which is a function of how business processes have been transformed to be digital-centric. Companies need to know what to expect and how to measure these expectations against delivered performance. The business cares very little about the price of a kilowatt of power, instead a more important metric is to understand the business cost for every transaction completed. This cost per unit of work mentality is dramatically different from traditional metrics about square footage, kilowatts and tons. In this session, we will focus on the new era of measuring the IT function, and how to identify the key drivers and architectures that affect the bottom line.

Mark Harris (bio)
Senior Vice President of Marketing
Uptime Institute